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Lindsay Woznicki

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi!  I'm Lindsay! I'm a wife and mama to two beautiful and fun little boys.  When my first son was born I was physically, mentally and everything in-between exhausted.  My son was not "the sleep through the night at 3 weeks" kind of baby.  I knew right then and there that we needed to sleep train him.  After many sleepless nights, lots of research and even more dedication, he was finally sleeping. Of course, we went through bumps in the road, but we had it figured out most of the time.

Fast forward two years to when my second son was born. I had thought my first son was an awful sleeper, but, my second little one was even worse.  It was a good thing that we knew what we were doing, or at least we thought we did.  We quickly found out the approach we used with our first son was not going to work.  I came to learn that each baby is unique with different needs when it comes to finding a successful sleep training method.  Again, after many sleepless nights and even MORE dedication, we had two sleeping boys!  

As a result of "tired" friends and family who came to me seeking sleep guidance for their little ones, I found my passion to help little ones and their families with their sleep troubles.  The gratification to me has been twofold.  First, I am able to see parents with a renewed appreciation for their little ones now that the burden of sleepless nights has been lifted.  Second, and most rewarding, is seeing how an effective sleep plan leads to a healthier and happier little one.  My desire to achieve both for you and your baby has led me to create Dream Big Little One.  I am here to help little ones and their families get the sleep they deserve!  I am so excited to be here with you and your family every step of your journey to better sleep.

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